Get to Know Someone Living With a Mental Health Condition

David Chow

Director for Philanthropy, UW Medicine
Living with bipolar disorder

Ruth White

Clinical Associate Professor, University of Southern California School of Social Work
Living with bipolar disorder

Brandon Staglin

President, One Mind; Marketing Communications Director, Staglin Family Vineyard
Living with schizophrenia

Stacy Thrall

Mastery Level, Transformational Health and Wellness Coach
Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Bob Krulish

Claims Audit Manager, National General Insurance
Living with bipolar disorder

Susan Fox

Semi-Retired Non-Profit Executive; Certified Recovery Specialist; Recovery Coach/Mentor
Living with alcohol addiction, panic disorder, and major depressive disorder

Thai Nguyen

Program Coordinator, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Harborview Medical Center
Living with bipolar disorder

Geralyn Giorgio

Human Resources Director, Johnson & Johnson
Living in recovery from an eating disorder 

Eric Riddle

Living with bipolar 2 disorder

Robert Boorstin

Consultant and Commentator; Former Director, Public Policy, Google; Former Official, The White House
Living with bipolar disorder

Elyn Saks

Associate Dean and Professor of Law, Psychology, Psychiatry, and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California; Author
Living with schizophrenia

Adam Tewell

International Policy Analyst
Living with bipolar disorder and psychosis

Mandi Buckner

Return to Work & Workplace Consultant
Living with depression

Barbara Ricci

Senior Advisor, Behavioral Health, University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy
Living with bipolar 2 disorder

Eric Prescott

Computer Consultant;
President, International Vegan Association

Living with bipolar disorder

Mary Beth Anderson

Director of Court Operations, Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES)
Living with anxiety and depression

Ted Weiss

Attorney, Private Practice
Living with bipolar disorder

Haley Lowe

Executive Director, WSU Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative
Living with anxiety and substance use disorder

Ian Reid

IT Professional; Advocate
Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Eduardo Cordon

Product Specialist
Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Kelly Rentzel

General Counsel and
Executive Vice President,
Texas Capital Bank

Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Christina Sparrock

CPA, CFE, CGMA, Finance Consultant, Peak Fiscal Management Inc.
Living with bipolar disorder and PTSD

Sam Wineburg

Professor of Education and History at Stanford University; Author
Living with depression

Sarah Callender

Novelist, Teacher, Writer, and Editor
Living with bipolar disorder

Erin Bernhardt

Living with depression and anxiety

Michael Herman

Partner and General Counsel, Gowling WLG LLP
Living with anxiety and depression

Margaret Stutt

Associate Director, Donor Stewardship, UC Berkeley
Living with bipolar disorder

Amabel Narvaez

Certified Peer Support Specialist and Freelance Writer
Living with bipolar disorder

Roberta Payne

Artist; Author; Teacher of Greek, Adjunct Latin Professor
Living with paranoid schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and alcoholism 

Katherine Switz

Executive Director of The Stability Network
Living with bipolar disorder with psychosis, depression, anxiety, and OCD

Meadow Johnson

Independent Political Strategist, Meadow Johnson Consulting
Living with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and panic disorder

Topher Jerome

Informed Senior Project Manager, Evidence Based Practice Institute, LLC
Living with substance abuse disorder, depression, anxiety, and PTSD

Leslie Bennett

Human Capital Innovator, Mental Health Innovations
Living with bipolar disorder

Brad Feld

Managing Director and Co-founder, Foundry Group
Living with depression

Lance Powers

Founder, Sigmend
Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Carol Kivler

President of Kivler Communications, Founder and President of Courageous Recovery
Living with major depressive disorder and anxiety

Nate Levin

Patent Attorney, Private Practice
Living with bipolar disorder

Dara Baumann

Patient Assessment Coordinator, Kindred Healthcare
Living with bipolar disorder

Marya Hornbacher

Bestselling Author, Houghton Mifflin Publishers
Living with bipolar disorder and addiction

Maridee ODay

Senior Technical Program Manager, Launch Consulting
Living with bipolar disorder 

Rachel Kohler

Religious Exploration Associate, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Living with bipolar 2 disorder

John Gesumaria

Manager, Protiviti Consulting
Living with bipolar 2 disorder, PTSD, and depression 

Robert Marin

Associate Director, Center for Public Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh Medical School
Living with ADHD, anxiety, and depression

Kristen Lee

Lead Faculty Behavioral Science, Clinician, Northeastern University; Author; Speaker and Activist
Living with anxiety and depression

David Bartley

Mental Health Speaker, Trainer, Writer, and Advocate
Living with bipolar 2 disorder

Katherine Ponte

Founder, ForLikeMinds; Lawyer; Certified Peer Specialist-Provisional; Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Cameron G. Stout

CEO and Founder, Stout Heart, Inc.; Principal of Stout Mediation Services; Counsel, Thurman Legal
Living with major depressive disorder and anxiety

Angela Rodriguez

Executive Director, SC Spinal Cord Injury Association
Living with bipolar 1 disorder

Jason Insalaco

Hillside Dept of Public Works Employee; Creative Director, Instinctive Bird
Living with bipolar disorder and addiction

Francie Likis

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health
Living with bipolar disorder

Scott Stossel

Editor, The Atlantic magazine; Author
Living with anxiety disorder

Avra Fainer

Performance & Presentation Mentor, Amplify Your Voice; HR Program Manager, Bank of Montreal Living with ADHD and bipolar 2 disorder

Emily Grossman

Organizational Development Specialist, Martha K. Selig Educational Institute, The Jewish Board, New York City
Living with bipolar 2 disorder

Donna Hardaker

Program Manager, Workplace Mental Health and Peer Engagement, Sutter Health
Living with depression, anxiety, and addiction   

Melissa Hensley

Associate Professor of Social Work
Living with bipolar disorder

Paul Currington

Host and Producer, Fresh Ground Stories
Living with depression

Jennie Shortridge

Novelist, Speaker, Teacher and Co-Founder of Seattle7Writers
Living with anxiety disorder and depression

Andrew Dubowec

Strategy Lead, League 
Living with depression

Patricia Mullen

Clinical Supervisor, Chesterfield Mental Health; Psychotherapist, Private Practice
Living with PTSD and panic attacks

Nancy Dow

Peer Specialist, Peer Bridger Program, Harborview Medical Center
Living with bipolar disorder

Mark Nolte

Founder and CEO, Start Talking
Living with depression

Audrey Fang

Sr. Analytic Solutions and Insights Consultant
Living with bipolar 2 disorder and anxiety

Deb Arnold

Global Learning Awards Expert and Principal, Deb Arnold, Ink
Living with depression

Gayathri Ramprasad

Founder and President, ASHA International; Author
Living with depression, anxiety, and panic disorder

Andrea Colby

Principal, Pro Se, LLC
Living with dysthymia and depression

Dan Berstein

Mediator and Trainer, MH Mediate
Living with bipolar disorder

Clare Miller

Director, Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, American Psychiatric Association Foundation
Living with depression

John Graham

Senior Professional Services Consultant, Flexera
Living with anxiety and PTSD

Leah Eustace

President, Blue Canoe Philanthropy
Living with CPTSD, anxiety, and depression

Carlos Larrauri

Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies, Secretary for NAMI
Living with schizophrenia

Adrienne Delaney

Mental Health Counselor
Living with bipolar 1 disorder, PTSD, and ADHD

Jason Park

Living with bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic features

Rafi Romero

Software Engineer, Facebook
Living with bipolar 1 disorder and OCD tendencies

Heather Spratt

Senior Director of Programs and Operations, Loran Scholars Foundation
Living with bipolar disorder