In honor of World Mental Health Day, The Stability Network has launched Leading the Way, a three-part video series featuring global advocates from around the world. Join us in celebrating our Stability Leaders!

Sahar Vasquez is leading the way

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Sahar’s Story

“On the days where I don’t think that I can go to work or when I am paralyzed by my feelings, it’s hearing others’ stories that gets me out of bed and pushes me to be the best version of myself. It has been life changing for me and I’m extremely grateful to be a part of a network such as The Stability Network.”

Sahar Vasquez is a schoolteacher living in Belize. Sahar first started experiencing challenges with her health when she was 16. Multiple trips to the doctor revealed that her physical symptoms were stemming from a mental health issue. At first, shame and fear overwhelmed Sahar, leaving her wondering how she would tell her friends about her mental health condition. After stumbling across a video of a mental health advocate on YouTube, Sahar was inspired to share her own story.

“It’s been a lovely journey because I’ve been able to see how sharing helps other people that were like me to break out of that shame and realize that there’s nothing wrong with having a mental illness. It’s not a death sentence.”

Today, Sahar shares her wellness tools with her young students, practicing mindfulness in the classroom and when she is feeling overwhelmed or needs a centering moment. Sahar is a commissioner for the Pan American Health Organization’s High-Level Commission for Mental Health and COVID-19. She has shared her story in front of the United Nations and enjoys playing tennis in her free time.

Stability Leaders like Sahar are leading the way to a world where mental health conditions are viewed no differently than physical health conditions. A world where everyone can get access to the care and support they need. A world where all people with mental health conditions can thrive.

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