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We are a growing movement of people living and working with mental health conditions. We share our stories to inspire others and change how people think about mental health.

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Misconceptions around mental health won't change unless we share stories of hope and recovery. We are dedicated to making positive stories about mental health more plentiful than the stories of fear and negativity.

Our Stability Leaders are trained to open the dialogue at your workplace, health care setting, or community group and will help you take it from there.

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Coping with a mental health condition can be daunting. Know that you and your loved ones are not alone.

Our Leaders use a variety of resources to help them on their paths to stability. Whatever symptoms and experiences you or your loved one is facing, there is help available. Our list of resources includes helplines, support groups, recommended reading, and information to help you on your journey.

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Stability Leaders share insights on recovery and living with a mental health condition.

Should You Disclose a Mental Health Challenge During the Job Search?

Career coach Kyle Elliott shares helpful suggestions for those deciding whether to disclose their mental health challenge while applying for a new job.

May 28, 2021

Lessons from Managing COVID-19 and Anxiety

Now that the storm has passed, Steve Penella reflects back on his experience having covid, including the toll it took on his mental health and how he is navigating the anxiety the illness brought on.

April 29, 2021

The Problem with “Resilience:”​ Whose Responsibility is Mental Health?

Does emphasizing “resilience” among individuals strengthen our societies, or does it take the responsibility off of policymakers to shape equitable social systems? Peter Varnum shares his thoughts through the lens of his own mental health experience.

April 16, 2021