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NOTICE: The Stability Network’s Board of Directors has voted to close the organization. We close with sadness and also gratitude for all who helped us create a better world for people with mental health conditions. Please read this message from our leadership. Although the network has closed, we are thrilled to keep this website and its contents live. We hope this website remains a resource for those who may be struggling and for those who wish to pursue mental health advocacy work. The continuation of the website is made possible thanks to a generous contribution from one of our Stability Leaders.

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How I Learned To Cope With Existential Anxiety

Dr. Kyle Elliott shares how he went from experiencing panic attacks from existential anxiety to deepening his sense of self.

May 22, 2023

I Visited A Gay Men’s Retreat Center—Here’s What Happened

In this candid blog post, Kyle Elliott shares how finding community and purpose at a gay men’s retreat center positively impacted his mental health.

July 14, 2022

The What, Why and So What of Psychosis

Peter Varnum reflects deeply on his experience living with psychosis, sharing, “I have learned not to believe I have ‘conquered’ my psychosis. It could return, and if it does, I will get through it again. But I don’t fear it the same way I once did.”

June 23, 2022