How Our Speakers Can Help You

Misconceptions around mental health won’t change unless we share stories of hope and recovery. We are dedicated to making positive stories about mental health more plentiful than stories of fear and negativity. Our Stability Leaders are trained to open the dialogue and help you take it from there.

Do you want to start a conversation about mental health in your workplace, classroom or community?

Probably the most authentic and powerful panel I have attended. It was so empowering to hear folks own their truth and share lived experiences with mental health. We need more of these dialogues in the workplace.
– Armaan Singh, UC Berkeley

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The students were in deep gratitude for witnessing the vulnerability in each of the speakers’ stories. Their willingness to share their lived experiences with mental health needs created a deeply profound impact on these upcoming clinicians who, I’m sure, will be reminded of the speakers’ voices for years to come.
– Katherine Tarnoff, The Wright Institute

Do you want to be part of the movement to change the mental health narrative?

The Stability Network is at the forefront of erasing the stigmas of mental illness. The Stability Leaders’ lived stories allow attendees to see the human faces of mental illness and begin to actively think about acceptance, engagement, and involvement in a movement to create solutions for our families, our friends and ourselves.
– Theo Killion, The Sierra Institute

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