In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, The Stability Network hosted The Power of Storytelling on May 25, 2022. The event showcased four Stability Leaders sharing their lived experiences to change the mental health narrative, one story at a time.

At The Stability Network, we believe that those living with mental health conditions can thrive with the right care and support. We work towards that vision every day by amplifying the voices of our Stability Leaders: people living and working with mental health conditions. With 300+ Stability Leaders in 16 countries, our stories are creating the change we want to see.

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Stability Leader Bartholemew “Bart” Campbell

Bart knew from an early age that he and his family were different. After many challenging years of living with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and hearing voices, Bart learned how to effectively advocate for himself and take active steps towards recovery. He says he “retired from corporate life and became the CEO of his own life.” Now, he is a mental health advocate and inspirational speaker who believes that our mental health conditions do not define who we are. Bart emphasizes that people living with mental health conditions can get well, stay well, and live in recovery.

Stability Leader Deborah Rosales-Elkins

Deborah had a hard time accepting her bipolar diagnoses. For years she went on a roller coaster ride of starting and stopping her medication, thinking she was capable of managing her symptoms on her own. It was not until she lost a nephew to suicide that she started to take her mental health seriously. She changed careers to work in the mental health field to learn all she could about her illness. Education is power and it can gives us the tools to change and create the life we desire. Deborah now works for Dell Medical School and Integral Care in a bipolar clinic as a Peer.

Stability Leader Kyle Elliott

After countless doctor’s visits for chronic migraines, Kyle was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD during his sophomore year of college. In graduate school, Kyle developed PTSD following a sexual assault. As a queer person, male sexual assault survivor, and someone living with mental health conditions, Kyle is proud to get to use his voice and platform to help others share their stories, get help, and achieve recovery. He manages his mental health with therapy, medication, and persistent self-care. A career coach, professional speaker, and avid writer, Kyle finds solidarity and relief in sharing his story.

Stability Leader Sepeedeh “Sepee” Zabala

It hasn’t always been easy, but Sepee is deeply committed to creating boundaries and routines that prioritize her mental health and help manage her bipolar disorder. Sepee had to give herself permission to be exceptional, and it was only then that she could find ways to shine. Advocating publicly for others with mental health conditions has freed Sepee from shame and stigma and empowered her to advocate for herself. She says, “I realized how misunderstood people with bipolar are and that if I didn’t speak up and help, who would?”