8 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

In the hopes of helping others along their mental health journeys, Kyle Elliott shares eight things he would tell his younger self, if he could.

Food and Mood: A Fireside Chat With Emmanuel Lopez

We sat down with Emmanuel Lopez to learn about how he is using food to help manage his clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder. Here’s what he shared.

Peer Support in Early Intervention Services for Psychosis: A Fireside Chat With Jason Grant

In this first Fireside Chat, Jason shares about his own experience with psychosis, what he has seen through his work as a peer support worker, how Covid-19 has changed early intervention services and more.

Are Zoom Calls Psychologically Safe?

Thanks to COVID-19, video calls aren’t going away anytime soon. But while they used to primarily consist of time with close friends or family, today there are any number of opportunities—some mandatory—to face a bunch of relative strangers two feet away on your high-resolution monitor.

Stability Leaders’ Top 7 Self-Care Strategies for Getting Through Election Week

Are you feeling anxious, scared or overwhelmed this election week? Us too. Throughout the country, individuals across the political spectrum have expressed a shared sentiment of dread around elections this year. While these feelings may linger even after the results are revealed, a firm self-care strategy can help.

Unveiling Privilege in Mental Health Recovery

When I first became a public mental health advocate, I was solely focused on the message that it’s possible to bounce back from a mental health crisis and manage — thrive, even — with a diagnosis such as Bipolar 1. My ambition was relatively modest, thinking that perhaps I would reach someone else who received an intimidating diagnosis and felt ostracized and “doomed.”

Asian American Advocates Changing the Narrative on Mental Health

Protecting mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for most people, especially Asian Americans, who have been unfairly used as scapegoats. With the president leading others to use the term “China virus,” hate crimes and other forms of racism and aggression toward Asian Americans have surged, harming the community’s mental health.

The Worst Is Just a New Beginning In Disguise

A diagnosis could, in fact, be the beginning of a more sustainable life. I, like hundreds of The Stability Network Leaders, are living proof that recovery is possible and that a diagnosis does not need to be an anvil that sinks the whole ship. Actually, it can be the thread that patches your sails so you can navigate new horizons.

Nurturing Your Mental Wellness

The vast majority of people who listen to my journey tell me I’m brave, and that my story has given them the courage to tell theirs. It never ceases to amaze me how many people have stories to tell. Be a storyteller. You have no idea whom or in what ways you will help. But you will.

The Truth Behind My Title

I hope we can shatter the belief that in order to be professionally successful, we need to hide or disguise our inner struggles and difficulties. I truly believe it is quite the opposite… our greatest challenges are often the key, and the door, to our greatest successes.