Let Me Show You Me

In this essay, Peter Varnum writes about the institutional and psychological consequences he experienced while living with the label of “bipolar disorder.” Now, he is determined to tell his mental health story the way he wants it to be told.

Building a Mental Health Community in India: A Fireside Chat with Daniel Lobo

In this Fireside Chat, Daniel reveals his own personal mental health journey, how the pandemic has shifted the mental health space in India, and the community-based approaches that can lead to recovery and wholeness.

Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

Todd Savard’s story about a young man he met in rehab brings home the lesson that we never know how much our lives impact others.

Disability + Drugs = Dual Diagnosis

Jason Park’s story unveils the paradox that even when someone seems to be at the top of their game, they may also be battling for their life.

Using Storysongs to Talk About Mental Health in The Workplace

Paul Currington starts work meetings with “storysongs”. In this audio story, his co-worker shares a song that reminds him of a beloved friend.

When Your Eyes Can’t Hold All the Tears

Listen in to this powerful audio story as Paul Currington shows us how sometimes our bodies know what we need better than our minds do.

Should You Disclose a Mental Health Challenge During the Job Search?

Career coach Kyle Elliott shares helpful suggestions for those deciding whether to disclose their mental health challenge while applying for a new job.

The Problem with “Resilience:”‚Äč Whose Responsibility is Mental Health?

Does emphasizing “resilience” among individuals strengthen our societies, or does it take the responsibility off of policymakers to shape equitable social systems? Peter Varnum shares his thoughts through the lens of his own mental health experience.

Younger Workers Place Emphasis on Mental Health in the Workplace

How can employers attract and retain young talent? Laura Zera outlines why investing in mental health benefits both employers and their employees.

Let’s Stand Up: Why the World Needs More Mental Health Advocates

Our founder, Katherine Switz shares her mental health journey and the impetus for building a global community of mental health advocates.