Disability + Drugs = Dual Diagnosis

Jason Park’s story unveils the paradox that even when someone seems to be at the top of their game, they may also be battling for their life.

Using Storysongs to Talk About Mental Health in The Workplace

Paul Currington starts work meetings with “storysongs”. In this audio story, his co-worker shares a song that reminds him of a beloved friend.

When Your Eyes Can’t Hold All the Tears

Listen in to this powerful audio story as Paul Currington shows us how sometimes our bodies know what we need better than our minds do.

Lessons from Managing COVID-19 and Anxiety

Now that the storm has passed, Steve Penella reflects back on his experience having covid, including the toll it took on his mental health and how he is navigating the anxiety the illness brought on.

Let’s Stand Up: Why the World Needs More Mental Health Advocates

Our founder, Katherine Switz shares her mental health journey and the impetus for building a global community of mental health advocates.

A 5-Step Strategy to Mental Health Challenges: Recommendations for my Younger Self

Jason Park shares five recommendations for his younger self with the hope that his strategies will be helpful to others managing their own mental health challenges.

Does Everyone Get a Chance, or a Few Chances, to Succeed?

Does everyone have an equal chance to succeed by society’s standards after recovering from a mental health episode? Peter Varnum uses the example of his own life – and his connection with someone he met in the hospital – to address mental health and vital conditions.

8 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

In the hopes of helping others along their mental health journeys, Kyle Elliott shares eight things he would tell his younger self, if he could.

Food and Mood: A Fireside Chat With Emmanuel Lopez

We sat down with Emmanuel Lopez to learn about how he is using food to help manage his clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder. Here’s what he shared.

Peer Support in Early Intervention Services for Psychosis: A Fireside Chat With Jason Grant

In this first Fireside Chat, Jason shares about his own experience with psychosis, what he has seen through his work as a peer support worker, how Covid-19 has changed early intervention services and more.