Let’s Convince the Youth of Their Greatness – Interview with Carl Boyd, Educator and Community Leader

I met Carl Boyd eight years ago when I was asked to discuss Kwanzaa, an African American holiday, on his radio show… Our subsequent discussions have become important intergenerational learning opportunities. We’re both from Chicago and like to discuss what it means to have grown up in the same place, but at different times. He was an adolescent during the 1950s, and I was one during the 1970s. I recently reached out to him to connect the dots between community and mental health over several decades.

“Let’s do something different and make things better”—Interview with Ted Weiss, Stability Leader, lawyer and mental health advocate

At 75, I am at high risk for detrimental outcomes if I were to be infected with the coronavirus. Despite this situation, what the pandemic has revealed to me are all the ways I am fortunate.