Rebalancing With New Boundaries

Like a lot of people, I used to get up every day and go to work. I had a 45-minute commute on my motorcycle. During that time, I’d be completely focused on what was going on around me—my head on a swivel making sure I’m tracking cars and keeping myself safe. This total focus allowed me to forget about everything else and concentrate on one thing. It was like my meditation.

Treatment Works—Even During a Crisis

While it takes some effort, mental health conditions don’t have to be life-ending. Stability Leaders are a great example of this fact. We all manage our mental health and can have successful careers, families, and fun!

Stability Leaders Share Strategies During Live Panel

On May 6, The Stability Network hosted a webinar on managing mental health during this pandemic with Stability Leaders Katherine Switz, Kyle Elliott, and Geralyn Giorgio. Our Leaders shared strategies—from scheduling time for exercise and meditation to tuning out of social media and into themselves to pillow fights—that are helping them manage their mental health…

We’re Never Going to Forget This So Stay Present

This is a monumental time in the history of the world; we’re never going to forget this. While it can be overwhelming, recently I’ve been trying to be more present to what’s happening and how I’m feeling so that I can be more present with them and mark this time together.

We are Strong and Adaptable

People are strong; we are adaptable. This crisis will not last forever and we will get through this. We humans will adjust to the new normal of what comes afterward and find happiness there as we always do.

Interview With Our Founder on Mental Health and Covid-19

From recognizing and validating emotions to finding time for vigorous exercise, Katherine Switz shares what has worked for her and many Stability Leaders to manage mental health during this difficult time.

Managing Uncertainty

For those of you who are struggling now, acknowledging that this is an irregular time… Accept that the responses you’re having—increased anxiety, depression, whatever they are—are okay. There’s not a right, wrong, or illegitimate thing you can feel.