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Together We Rise

“As we continue to move forward, we also need to be patient with ourselves and with others.” Stability Leader Dr. Adrian Fletcher reflects on the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and offers hope for a future where we all rise together through compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Lessons from Managing COVID-19 and Anxiety

Now that the storm has passed, Steve Penella reflects back on his experience having covid, including the toll it took on his mental health and how he is navigating the anxiety the illness brought on.

How To Manage Job Search Stress During The Pandemic

The job search can be an anxiety-producing process. The uncertainty of the global pandemic adds stress on top of the already arduous task of finding a job in a competitive job market. How do you care for your mental health while job searching? Founder and career coach, Kyle Elliott shares his suggestions.

Image showing a young adult happily opening a bag of food.

Ding Dong Dash

Paul Currington shares his new method of beating the social isolation blues while making others, and himself, smile.

Food and Mood: A Fireside Chat With Emmanuel Lopez

We sat down with Emmanuel Lopez to learn about how he is using food to help manage his clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder. Here’s what he shared.

Peer Support in Early Intervention Services for Psychosis: A Fireside Chat With Jason Grant

In this first Fireside Chat, Jason shares about his own experience with psychosis, what he has seen through his work as a peer support worker, how Covid-19 has changed early intervention services and more.

“Let’s Do Something Different and Make Things Better”—Interview With Ted Weiss, Stability Leader, Lawyer and Mental Health Advocate

At 75, Ted Weiss is considered to be in the “high risk” group if he were to be infected with the coronavirus. Despite this, Ted shares how the pandemic has revealed to him all the ways in which he is fortunate.

Are Zoom Calls Psychologically Safe?

Thanks to COVID-19, video calls aren’t going away anytime soon. But while they used to primarily consist of time with close friends or family, today there are any number of opportunities—some mandatory—to face a bunch of relative strangers two feet away on your high-resolution monitor.

You’re Not Alone: Stability Leaders Share Their Mental Health Challenges and Management Strategies During COVID-19

If you’ve been feeling increases in depression, anxiety, or other mental health impacts during this pandemic, you’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey of Stability Leaders to determine how COVID-19 is impacting them. Here’s what we found from 45 respondents from across the U.S.

Stability Leaders’ Top 4 Strategies for Managing Mental Health During COVID-19

One of the greatest benefits of being the executive director of The Stability Network is that I am surrounded by an incredible community of people who provide support and strength when things in my life aren’t going as planned. I hope that during this challenging period, our shared stories of living with mental health conditions can provide encouragement for you as well.