David is an equity-focused, mission-driven leader with nearly 15 years of experience leading community-based organizations. His career has been dedicated to service, impact, and giving those who must be heard – especially immigrants, refugees, young people of color, and those living with mental health challenges – a voice and the opportunities that others take for granted.

David is proud to be a foreign-born Korean-American and the eldest son of an immigrant family from Chicago, by way of Pennsylvania steel country, Louisiana, and Southern Illinois. David has extensive experience working with public education systems in Seattle, Chicago, and Minnesota and has designed events for the Aspen Ideas Festival, Smithsonian, and DuSable Museum of African-American History.

David has lived with depression for years and is a life-long storyteller motivated to learn from and empower those sharing lived experiences of mental health, especially the stories of immigrant families and people of color representing diverse cultures. He has grown most while working with employers and mentors who helped him find space for mental health treatment, therapy, wellness, meditation, laughter, family, and love.



Melanie leads The Stability Network’s leader engagement, communications, and public speaking program. She studied Biology and German Language at Whitman College. A Seattle local, Melanie loves hiking, dancing, and baking anything sweet. Melanie is an advocate for people living with mental health conditions and practices cognitive-behavioral strategies to manage her anxiety and insomnia.



Katherine is the Founder of The Stability Network. She brings business experience gained at McKinsey & Company and General Electric with a long track record in executive roles in the non-profit sector. Prior to her work in mental health, Katherine led programs across Russia, India, and Africa for major international development organizations. Katherine has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Dartmouth College. When she isn’t advocating for mental health, you can find her spending time with her six year old, Ned, doing yoga, or paddle boarding. Katherine lives with bipolar 1 disorder.

Learn more about Katherine’s story and why she created The Stability Network below.

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