Our Network Inspires Conversations

In the community

Our Stability Leaders have spoken at over 100 events in major universities, leading companies, and community spaces.

“After a Stability Leader spoke at Microsoft about her experience, it deepened our conversation about mental illness, encouraged people to get support, and sparked important dialogue.  We look forward to doing it again!”

Tim Osborn, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft

“We invited a Stability Leader to speak to our organization to help us better understand mental illness. In short, she was amazing. Her story of perseverance deeply resonated with our audience. This Stability Leader—a mother, wife, and co-worker—made us see she is no different than us. If we are to properly address our mental health crisis, we must begin with understanding and compassion. She led us there with authenticity and aplomb. Our members left her talk with a greater understanding and a desire to be part of the solution. Kudos to The Stability Network!”

Mark Wright, Past President, Rotary Club of Seattle

In the media

Leaders’ stories of hope and recovery have been featured in over 100 local and national news and other outlets.