June 4, 2021

Dear Stability Network friends, partners, and Stability Leaders,

After ten years at the helm of The Stability Network (TSN) as its Founder and Executive Director, Katherine Switz is stepping down from a leadership role for the organization, effective June 2021. We fully support Katherine’s continued advocacy and community leadership as a Principal for Well Mind Advisors. The Board is excited to announce that TSN’s own Megan Silvestri has agreed to take on the Interim Executive Director role from June-December 2021.

Katherine started The Stability Network a decade ago at her kitchen table with a few close friends. Using her own story of thriving while living with a mental health condition, she built TSN from an idea to a full-fledged nonprofit organization with a network of over 270 Stability Leaders in 12 countries. Katherine has recounted how she read Kay Radfield Jameson’s An Unquiet Mind while in the hospital years ago, finding hope to not only recover and thrive in her own life, but also to inspire others to thrive in theirs.

Katherine inspired a movement through TSN. We have collectively built a community where people connect with others who understand what living with a mental health condition is like. TSN also provides strategic guidance for those who want to be open with their story, with the aim of changing hearts and minds of people in all different contexts. And with every training of a new Stability Leader, every story we share, every speech and blog and video, we are shattering mental health stigma.

The organization is in good hands for the future. Fresh off organizing and executing our Live Storytelling event, Megan Silvestri will step into the Executive Director role through the remainder of 2021. Megan has led TSN programming and communications for the last 3.5 years and will continue these responsibilities in addition to guiding the execution of TSN’s 2021 goals. Having worked closely with Megan over time, I know that her skill set – professionally and emotionally – makes her an effective leader. We are lucky to have her.

TSN is privileged to have an engaged, diverse Board which guides the organization through this leadership transition. We will continue to support Megan and the organization in the execution of its 2021 goals, and long-term future of the organization. I can comfortably speak on behalf of our whole community when I say: thank you, Katherine. You’ve started something great, and we’re ready to keep moving forward.

With appreciation and momentum,

Peter Varnum
The Stability Network
Board Chair