Inspiring Dialogue

We are dedicated to making positive stories about mental health more plentiful than stories of fear and negativity. We share our stories in companies, rotaries, churches, and beyond to inspire others to get the care and support they need to live well.

Struggle is part of every story of adversity and our stories highlight what it takes to overcome.

Our Approach

We train our Leaders to be effective advocates and deploy them with the message of hope.

Our History

Katherine Switz was at Harvard Business School when she had her first psychotic break. When she asked her doctor if she would be able to return to her demanding career, he replied, “We have no idea – it could go either way.”

Determined to recover, she found a role model in a book: An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison, a clinical psychologist who went back to work after a psychotic break. “If she could do it,” Katherine thought, “so could I.” And she did, going on to a successful 20-year career in international development.

Few people knew she had a mental health condition. She was terrified to speak out publicly about it. But she also became convinced that the fear and secrecy kept others from getting the care they needed. She knew the importance of role models and believed that people who were successfully living and working with mental health conditions, had to lead the way. In 2011, she took a leap of faith and shared her idea with a small group of people in Seattle who became the first Stability Leaders. In June of 2018, The Stability Network received it’s 501(c)3 non-profit status.